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The joy of music comes to the classroom for grade Kindergarten through 5th throughout the year. They prepare for the Christmas Musical in the fall and prepare for Legacy Day during the Spring. Our students also have the option to take lessons with Mr. Daniel during lunch by joining the Logos Singers!

Mr. Daniel is the music teacher for CCES and Calvary Chapel Pre-School.  A talented guitar player and worship leader, Mr. Daniel visits every classroom each week to lead the students in singing to the Lord with 3 different types of songs: praise songs, hymns, and his original Scripture Songs which encourage memorization of Bible verses.  He also introduces the children to different styles of music so that they have a broader sense of music appreciation.  This year 2022-23 Mr. Daniel is teaching the children Rhythm Patterns so they can begin to understand and read simple beats from sheet music.  In the springtime, he also incorporates hands-on learning of the ukulele in each classroom.  Mr. Daniel produces two school-wide choir concerts annually - Christmas, and Family Legacy Day in the Spring. The newest venture in music is the CCES Worship Choir, open for 5th graders who audition and are chosen. They gather once a week to prepare various worship songs with the goal of leading worship for the 1-3 and 4-5 grades Chapels.  After school, Mr. Daniel teaches private guitar and ukulele lessons and has an ever-popular singing club called "The Logos Singers", primarily focused on singing God's word.