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Q: Is Calvary Chapel Schools open for in-person instruction?

A: Yes! In spite of the challenges of the COVID pandemic, we successfully and consistently remained open to in-person, full-day learning on our campus.

For additional information, you can view our Safety Plan to read about all of the safety measures we are taking during the COVID pandemic. 

Q: Why choose Calvary Chapel Elementary School?

  • We are a private Christian School serving several hundred students from kindergarten through the sixth grade. We have several classes per grade level and our class sizes are small for an effective student to teacher ratio. 
  • We are located on the church campus of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. A visitor to our campus will quickly observe our desire to place Jesus at the forefront of everything we attempt to accomplish. 
  • Academic growth is a priority for us. We desire that each student be ready and prepared through robust curriculums and qualified teachers.
  • Every day begins with a Bible lesson which includes scripture memorization and every student attends chapel once a week.
  • Multiple opportunities are afforded to students to participate in after school extracurricular activities and athletics in 5th grade.
  • Your child will be surrounded by a Christian environment that is open and sincere in its adherence to God’s Word and its desire to live for and please God.

Q: When are applications available?

A: Applications for the Fall semester are made available the first week of January. Applications may be filled out at any time once they have been made available.


Q: Does Calvary offer financial assistance?

 A: We do offer financial grants and aid to families that qualify through FACTS. If you are interested in applying for financial grants and aid through our FACTS system, we encourage you to register and apply for financial grants and aid as soon as possible. There is a limited amount of financial grant and aid available each year and it is awarded by need and on a first-come-first-served basis. 


Q: How is educational technology incorporated into your school?

A: As student demand for educational technology increases, so we have added Google Classroom as a learning platform, Zoom as a video conferencing tool, several computers/Ipads per classroom where students can practice academic skills. Every teacher is issued a laptop computer to operate our FACTS/RenWeb LMS, a mounted projector to present academic material, and a doc cam. A STEAM Lab adds additional opportunities for learning on our campus in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.


Q: What parent communications can be expected? 

A: Parents receive monthly newsletters that highlight events and give specific details. Also, by searching our school website at parents find current announcements, updates, and school-related details. A link to Parent Portal is provided, where parents can observe individual classroom information, grades, and student progress, as well as keep up on the latest happenings within the Calvary Chapel Schools family.


Q: Do you offer an art program?

A: We offer our students a wonderful art program called, Meet The Masters. Each month a famous artist is chosen for study. Students are taught the historical background concerning the artist and the era in which the artist worked. Actual art projects utilizing the artistic style are practiced. The art is displayed in the gymnasium during "Open House" each year. 


Q: Does your school offer music?

A: Music is an important academic skill. We employ a full-time music teacher who visits every classroom once weekly to teach various musical styles and a full-time band instructor who conducts after school classes. Performances are held periodically to demonstrate progress and showcase the growing talent.


Q: How does your school address physical education?  

A: Every student receives physical education several times each week taught by qualified P.E. teachers. Students learn about their body and the proper way to exercise and eat nutritionally. As childhood obesity becomes a growing concern, the practice of proper physical fitness and nutrition habits is vital. The foundation of our P.E. program is physical fitness, sport-related skill acquisition, athletic competition, and nutrition.


Q: Do students have access to a library?

A: Our students enjoy their own separate library which is fully automated. A software system allows book check-out through the use of technology. Student identification cards can be scanned by our librarians, providing a quick process and instant records. This system allows students the opportunity to locate a desired book within the library by performing a search through the computer. Our library operates Accelerated Reader which challenges and encourages students to grow in their ability to read, while developing a lifelong love for learning.


Q: What is your school’s homework policy?

A: The majority of the daily school work requirement is performed within the classroom setting, eliminating the need for extensive homework during the evening. However, homework is an important and necessary component of a child's academic progress and may be assigned and corrected upon return to school. Time spent practicing homework meets reasonable requirements for each grade level.


Q: What is the classroom environment like?

A: When a person walks into any of our classrooms they will immediately sense the teacher’s love for the Lord and their students. Colorful bulletin boards filled with information and student work adorn each classroom. Teachers use whiteboards, projectors, sound equipment, and multiple other mediums to engage, equip, and empower their students. 


Q: Is there a lunch program on campus? 

A: We provide a school lunch program where students can purchase a nutritionally balanced lunch. Check the website for current prices. 


Q: Does the school offer a secure environment?

A: Our daycare department provides supervision, games, and activities, as well as security to our students while they play at recess and after school. The campus is kept safe under the watchful eyes of full-time security officers who regularly patrol the campus in a golf cart, as well as our daycare staff, pastors, teachers, administrators, and custodians. The school regularly practices procedures for fire, earthquake, and lockdown. Security cameras are strategically located throughout the campus. A wireless P.A. system is established in each classroom with the capability for two-way communication.


Q: Does your school have a Daycare?

Daycare services are available each school day before school from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM, and after school from 3:00 to 6:00 PM for an additional fee. 


Q: Do you require fundraising?

A: Calvary Chapel Schools (Preschool, Elementary, Junior High, High School) are unique in the private education community in that we do not require parents to fundraise! We do hold fundraisers in order to afford more technology in the classroom.

If you have additional questions, we would be happy to connect with you! Please call the school office at (714) 556-0965.