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Athletic Policies


Calvary Chapel Schools (CCS) offers a wide variety of interscholastic sports. Sharing the philosophy of Calvary Chapel High School, we believe that through the medium of sports, athletes can learn spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines not easily acquired through other means. CCS, serving as the primary feeder program to the high school, endeavors to develop and cultivate these disciplines in our athletes. In practice, this means fielding coaches who are strong in the Christian faith, capable in their field, contagious in their enthusiasm, and able to lead and instruct.



Any student who wishes to participate in CCS athletics must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. At the conclusion of each grading period, which occurs every six weeks, any student whose GPA is below 2.0 will be placed on probation for the next six weeks. The student may practice and participate in all team events during this probationary period. If at the end of the six-week probationary period, however, the student has not achieved the appropriate GPA, the student will be declared athletically ineligible. The student will remain athletically ineligible for a minimum of six weeks until he or she has a GPA of 2.0 or higher.


*NOTE: Students who become athletically ineligible after the final grading period of their seventh-grade year will begin their eighth-grade year unable to participate in any CCS athletics. Likewise, students who become athletically ineligible after the final grading period of their fifth or sixth-grade year will begin their sixth or seventh-grade year unable to participate in any CCS athletics.


A student’s athletic eligibility may also be suspended for disciplinary reasons. Any student who is suspended from school for disciplinary reasons forfeits the privilege of participating on any CCS athletic team during the duration of his suspension. During the suspension, the suspended student may attend any team event as a spectator, but he may not participate in any practices or games.


Any student required to serve after-school detention must fulfill that obligation 1) on the designated day, and 2) prior to any involvement in CCS athletics. After the detention has been properly and fully served, the student will be permitted to participate in his team’s practice or game. Violation of this policy will result in suspension from the team’s next athletic contest.



A $100 athletic fee is required for each sport played and will be charged to everyone who decides to participate in athletics at Calvary Chapel Schools. These fees will help defray the expenses of protective equipment, officials' fees, tournament entry fees, and items related to running an athletic program. In addition to the athletic fee, some sports require the purchase of a spirit pack, which includes practice t-shirts and other team items. Please see the individual coaches for cost and further information. All sports uniforms need to be returned to the office (washed) after the sports season is over.



In order to participate in the sports programs offered at CCES an athletic packet must be completed and submitted to the athletic director. These forms must be completed and turned in prior to the first day of practice:

  1. Participation and Medical Consent Form
  2. CCS Athletic Contract


When students must leave early from a class for an athletic event, the following policy will be followed:

  1. Students must be prepared for class even on days when they are leaving early for a game. If a game is canceled and homework is due or a test is being given, the student must turn in the work and/or take the test. No excuses will be accepted
  2. Students must make arrangements to hand in assignments prior to leaving for a game. Leaving for a game is not an excused absence; therefore, assignments must be turned in on time.
  3. Students are responsible for all work covered and tests missed. The students must take the initiative to work with the teacher on the missed class. 


Students and parents are reminded that we represent the school, and more importantly, the Lord, when we are a participant or fans at an athletic event. Thus, we must be mindful of the way we treat the officials, the other team, and the opposing crowd. Appropriate attitudes, actions, and dress are expected at all events. Any fan that speaks, acts, or dresses inappropriately during a CCS athletic event will be asked to leave the event immediately. This request may be made by any member of the CCS administration, the CCS athletic director, a CCS faculty member, or the team’s coach.



The following sports are offered to students in grades 5 through 8:






Boys Flag Football (5-8)

Boys Basketball (5-8)

Co-Ed Hockey (5-8)

Boys Baseball (7-8)


Girls Basketball (5-8)


Girls Volleyball (5-8)

Boys Soccer (7-8)


Girls Softball (7-8)



Girls Soccer (7-8)

Boys Volleyball (5-8)




Co-Ed Soccer (5-6)


Girls Flag Football (7-8)