CCS Parent Teacher Fellowship

Parent Teacher Fellowship

Creating Connection and Community for our Families and Staff

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If you are a parent or guardian at Calvary Schools, you are already a part of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). There are many fun and simple ways to be a part of the great things that happen on our campus. There is a place for everyone! We welcome you to get involved by filling out the Interest Form below:


PTF Values: People, Growth, Collaboration, Leadership, and Glorifying God


PTF Vision:

  • To equip a wide scope of parents, of all schools, desiring to lead and serve.

  • To empower all participants at CCS with a fun, healthy, united Calvary family.

  • To engage in clear communication and build connectivity with parents, students, and staff.


PTF Mission:

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) will seek to support the mission of Calvary Chapel Schools from preschool through high school, by engaging, equipping, and empowering our students, staff, and families to serve and to be leaders in Christ as unto the world.


What does that look like?

Connecting with parents, staff, and our schools, involvement with events on campus, providing needs, fundraising, organizing room parents, volunteering, prayer support, physical and spiritual encouragement, and fellowshipping with one another.  All with the common bond of Christ at the center of our work.


Where PTF Serves at Calvary Chapel Schools

Welcome Back Meet & Greet Coffee

Picture Day Support

Elementary and Middle School Fun Run

Seasonal Candy Grams

Parent Connect Events

Teacher Appreciation Events

Back to School Teacher Luncheon

Father Daughter Dance

Room Mom Coordination

ASB Support and Senior Events

Red Shirt Appreciation 

Skate Parties

Organizes of Snacks for Grad Night

Support Librarians During Book Fair


PTF Executive Board:

The “servants of all” on the board are equal in power and diverse in their roles and responsibilities. There are currently three sitting board members and 5 school representative seats for the 2020-2021 school year. 


President: Kim Manlutac

Oversees board meetings, leadership team, and representatives.


Vice-President: Heather DeNaranjo

Assistant President oversees and assists events, reviews and updates PTF information, welcomes and encourages involvement by parents and family members, and helps to carry out the President’s duties in his or her absence or inability to serve.


Events: Claudia DiSomma, Yvonne Monreal

Organizes the PTF events along with the parent volunteers, serves at PTF events, assigns chairpersons to events by her appointment, assists President as needed, and works closely with staff for successful school events.


Treasurer: Priscilla Ramirez 

The treasurer is responsible for all financials for the PTF board


School Representatives: 

The school representatives (reps) shall be made up of parents with students currently enrolled in the school they represent. The reps will help build community, attend monthly board meetings, develop a network of helpers, and communicate regularly with their schools’ principal and staff


  • Preschool: Sarah Warren

  • Elementary: April Forrester, Stephanie Kaessner

  • Middle School: Valerie Beu, Allyson McFerran

  • High School: Elizabeth Coyne, Claudia Martinez, Helen Uy


Get Plugged In and Hear From Your PTF Team!

“All-school” meetings and PTF Connect Events are held throughout the year. Come fellowship with other CCS parents and staff, ask questions, and get connected to your school community.


Parent Groups

Parent Devotions

Parents of Calvary Chapel Schools come together on the third Tuesday of each month across all schools from 8:00-9:00 AM for fellowship in the Fellowship Hall. Come join us for coffee, treats, and a short devotion by CCCM Pastors.


2022-2023 CCS Parent Devo Schedule

  • September 20

  • October 18

  • November 15

  • December 14

  • January 17

  • February 21

  • March 21

  • April 18

  • May 16