MCA Students' Artwork Selected to be Displayed at Laguna Arts Festival

The winners' names and art pieces are listed below:

Ellah Molina, 6th Grade - O’Keeffe flower
Ellah Molina's Painting of Flower


Kenzie Rotunno, 6th Grade - O’Keeffe flower
Kenzie Rotunno


Celeste Monreal, 4th Grade - O’Keeffe flower

Caleb Whitford, 4th Grade - Mondrian
Caleb Whitford


Dax Rotunno, 3rd Grade - O'Keeffe flower
Dax Rotunno

Helena Perkins, 2nd Grade - O’Keefe sunrise
Helena Perkins

Congratulations to all our student artists, and thank you, Mrs. Cutler-Boyd, for drawing out the artistic creativity of our students! Be sure to check out their work at the Laguna Arts Festival.